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Next Community Meeting
March 8, 2016


Jan 1 - Dec 31 2016


   BBHCA Member Resources

Community Meeting Dates (Tuesdays)

September 15, 2015
November 10, 2015

March 8, 2016
May 10, 2016
September 20, 2016
November 15, 2016


Bush Hill Elementary School
5917 Westchester St
Alexandria, VA 22310

Meetings are held in the Cafeteria; enter on the right side of the building (follow signs)
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Board Meetings


  •  Membership
    Membership application, committee activities, plans, and programs.
  •  Links to Keep
    A compilation of links previously published in eNews to local services and resources.

  •  BBHCA Newsletter
    Download PDFs of recent newsletters. Also find information on newsletter distribution, contribution information, production schedule, advertising rates, archives, and selected articles of interest.
  •  Meeting Minutes (click on the underlined date)
2012 Jan 2012
Lee District Supervisor
Jeff McKay (invited)
Mar 2012
Delegate Mark Sickles
May 2012
BBHCA Elections
Sep 2012
Nov 2012
2011 Jan 2011
(meeting cancelled)
Mar 2011
Delegate Mark Sickles
May 2011
BBHCA Elections,
Hiring Contractors (Consumer Affairs)
Sep 2011
Proposed Ice Skating Rink on Oakwood Road
Nov 2011
Email, Internet, and Phone
2010 Jan 2010

(no meeting)
Mar 2010
Delegate Mark Sickles
May 2010
Elections, Historical Marker, Land Use
Sep 2010
Fairfax Consumer Affairs Rep.
Nov 2010
Lee District Supervisor
Jeff McKay
2009 Jan 2009
Safety and Foreclosures
Mar 2009
Delegate Mark Sickles
May 2009
Lee District
Jeff McKay
& Elections
Sep 2009
Edison High School Renovations
Nov 2009
Edge Energy
2008 Jan 2008
Fire Dept
Mar 2008
Delegate Mark
(in Richmond)
May 2008
Lee District
Jeff McKay
& Elections
Sep 2008
Kingstowne Center for Active Adults
Nov 2008
EPA on Energy Efficiency in the Home
2007 Jan 2007

(no meeting)


Mar 2007
Delegate Mark Sickles


May 2007
Lee District Supervisor Dana Kauffman & Elections
Sep 2007
Lee District Supervisor Candidates' Debate
Nov 2007
United Wesleyan Church
2006 Jan 2006
Report on Richmond, Delegate Mark Sickles
Mar 2006
Brad Center, Lee District Rep to the Fairfax Cty School Bd


May 2006
Board Elections; Dana Kauffman, Lee District Supervisor
Sep 2006
Budget (vote)
Brookview Flood
Crime Prevention
Nov 2006
Zoning Enforcement




Mar 2005
(no quorum)
Traffic Safety & Teenage Driving
May 2005
Board Elections (vote)
Supervisor Dana Kaufman
Sep 2005
Budget (vote)
What Do Civic Assns Do?
Nov 2005
Bylaws (vote)
Land Use
2004 Jan 2004
Franconia Police Officers
Neighborhood Safety
Mar 2004
Chairman Gerry Connolly
May 2004
Delegate Mark Sickles & Elections
2003       Sep 2003
Candidates' Night &
Election Results
Nov 2003
Lee District Supervisor
Current Issues
  •  What's Your Problem?
    Check here for common issues and the contact information for the proper county service or authority to contact.
  •  How to Access Metro from BBHCA
    Gas prices draining your wallet? Try Metro. It's close by and now you can determine the best route for you from your home in Brookland-Bush Hill and Gunnell Estates. You may save time and money. Note: The link will take you off the BBHCA Web site. The Metro Access site was produced by long-time BBHCA member Bob Michie. Thank you, Bob!
  •  Leaf Collection
     Click above for link to Fairfax County info, then go to > Tentative Start Dates > Area 8.
  •  Fairfax County Police Report
    BBHCA members may sign up for an e-mail newsletter published by the Franconia District Police Station Crime Prevention Unit. Click on the link above and follow directions for subscribing to "Focus on Franconia."
  • Traffic Calming
    BBHCA has addressed the problem of speeding on our neighborhood streets numerous times over the past decade. For a review of the past/ongoing problems, solutions, and who to contact click on the link above. 
  •  Constitution and Bylaws
    Bylaws Revision approved November 15, 2005.
  •  History of Bush Hill
    A brief history by local author Aaron Weber detailing the fascinating history of land transfers starting in 1706 from Lord Fairfax up to Bush Hill's recent development.

See also the Franconia Museum which holds story swapping and other events. 

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