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September 16, 2014


Sept 1 2013 - Dec 31 2014



Brookland-Bush Hill
Civic Association

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The Brookland-Bush Hill Civic Association (BBHCA) is located in the Franconia area of Lee District in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The BBHCA service area (click map below) has more than 800 households and consists of Brookland Estates/Bush Hill Woods and Gunnell Estates; the homes on Jane Way, Ninian Court, and Talbois Place on the east; and Brookland Road, Pratt Street, Piedmont Drive, and Saratoga Drive to the west.


The purpose of BBHCA is to provide a forum and voice for the community, and to protect and promote the mutual interests and welfare of the residents of Brookland-Bush Hill and environs.


Brookland-Bush Hill Civic Association (BBHCA) was founded in 1980. BBHCA has a long record of successes in our interaction with local and state government officials, local private businesses, and other organizations.

The Pedestrian Underpass on Oakwood Drive and the new improvements to the Pedestrian Walkway under the I-95 Overpass at Van Dorn Street are examples of our civic activities. BBHCA members sit on County Boards, and influence policy for the improvement of Franconia and Rose Hill, Lee District, and Fairfax County.


Read the BBHCA News and eNews, and come to the next meeting to get the latest information on current issues affecting our community.


Membership dues are $10.00 per member or $20.00 per household (i.e., a street address within the service area), and may be paid anytime prior to the end of the membership year. The membership year is September 1 to August 31.

BBHCA is your voice with elected and appointed officials and government agencies—state delegates and senators, Lee District Supervisor, Virginia Department of Transportation, Fairfax County Police, School Board, etc.

The BBHCA meets five times a year at the Bush Hill Elementary School in Bush Hill Woods. All residents of BBHCA are invited to attend.


BBHCA sponsors community activities, including

  •  Yard Sale in June
  •  Tour de Lee bicycle event in October
  •  Candidates Night prior to local elections


The BBHCA News is published four to five times a year (September, November, January [optional], March, and May). All residents of Brookland and Bush Hill receive a copy of the newsletter whether or not they are a member of BBHCA.

Each issue averages 6–8 pages and includes articles on association and local activities that affect the neighborhood. Advertising from local businesses is accepted to forge a mutual relationship of support and offset printing costs.


BBHCA is governed by a Constitution and Bylaws. The affairs of BBHCA are administered by the officers of the association and by an Executive Committee as prescribed in the Bylaws. The officers include a President, First Vice President (newsletter), Second Vice President (membership), Treasurer, and Secretary.


The Bylaws call for six standing committees as follows:

  •  Budget, Finance, and Audit

  •  Membership

  •  Zoning and Land Use

  •  Publicity (newsletter and website)

  •  Constitution and Bylaws

  •  Neighborhood Watch


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