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March 8, 2016


Jan 1 - Dec 31 2017


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BBHCA News is the primary form of communication with the 800+ residents of our community. All residents of the Brookland-Bush Hill residential area receive a print copy of the newsletter by mail approximately two weeks prior to each BBHCA meeting.

BBHCA News will be published four times during the 2017 membership year:  September, November, March, and May.


BBHCA News publishes information pertaining directly to the residents of the BBHCA community.


BBHCA News accepts advertising in the spirit of supporting local merchants that offer goods and services which benefit our community.

Advertising Contract 2017 (PDF)

The BBHCA News is published in March, May, September, and November. Thank you for your support!

For additional information, please e-mail newsletter@BBHCA.org.

Article Submissions

Please send all newsletter submissions by e-mail to: newsletter@BBHCA.org

Contributions are accepted from residents and others upon review and approval by the Vice-President—Newsletter.  All submissions will be reviewed for relevancy, appropriateness, grammar, and spelling. Topics must address issues of direct concern to the residents of Brookland-Bush Hill.

The opinions expressed by the author(s) do not necessary represent the opinion of the BBHCA.  

Current & Past Issues

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November 2014 November 2011  
September 2014 September 2011  
May 2014 May 2011  
March 2014 March 2011  
January 2014  (not published) January 2011 (not published)  
November 2013 November 2010  
September 2013 September 2010  
May 2013 May 2010  
March 2013 March 2010  
January 2013 (not published) January 2010 (not published)  
November 2012 November 2009  
September 2012 September 2009  
May 2012 May 2009  
March 2012 (not available) March 2009: Part 1/Part 2  
January 2012 (not published) January 2009 (meeting announcement postcard)  

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