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Next Community Meeting
March 8, 2016


Jan 1 - Dec 31 2016


Our Mission

The purpose of this Association is to provide a forum and voice for the Community, and to protect and promote the mutual interests and welfare of the residents of Brookland-Bush Hill and environs.

What Do We Do for You?

BBHCA has a long record of successes in our interaction with local and state government officials, local private businesses, and other organizations. 

Our History

In the late 70s, the Civic Association of Brookland Estates joined forces with Bush Hill Woods to form the Brookland-Bush Hill Civic Association (BBHCA). In the early 2000s, the membership agreed to include Gunnell Estates in the distribution of the newsletter along with the townhouses off Brookland Road behind McDonalds. BBHCA currently services more than 870 households.

In the past we have worked with community members and the County by evaluating problems and recommending solutions. We’re a community that cares and takes action! We need your continued support. Become a member—make sure our County representatives count us in when they make decisions. Join today!

BBHCA also sponsors community activities, such as our annual Yard Sale in June and Candidates' Nights for local candidates on election years .

The BBHCA meets five times a year at the Bush Hill Elementary School in Bush Hill Woods. All residents are invited to get an update on community issues, hear influential speakers on topics of current interest, and meet your neighbors.

Past speakers have included:

  •  Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay

  •  Delegate Mark Sickles

  •  Lee District Station Police Officers

  •  Red Cross (Emergency Preparedness)

  •  Franconia Museum Association

  •  Lee District School Board Representative

  •  Lee District Land Use and Transportation Advisory Committee members

  •  Franconia Fire Department

  •  Fairfax County Department of Consumer Affairs

The BBHCA News is published four to five times a year to coincide with the community meetings. A typical issue includes updates from the BBHCA president, Neighborhood Watch, Membership, Lee District Supervisor, along with other community-related news and activities. The cost of the newsletter is supported through member dues and advertising. For more information and past issues, please click on the link above.

Get involved—for the good of your community. We provide many opportunities for you to take an active role and make a difference. Join us!

See BBHCA Fact Sheet for more . . .

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