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What's Your Problem?

Got a problem? Check below for common issues and the contact information for the proper county service or authority to contact.

Please understand that BBHCA does not enforce county regulations and laws. However, if problems persist or you do not get the proper response from authorities, please contact us and we will work with you, the authorities, and other parties to resolve the issue. Also, please be a neighbor first. Let your neighbor know that they may be breaking the law or county codes and provide them with the contact information below for the respective authority.



Dilapidated residential properties (abandoned or occupied)

Health Department

Commercial vehicles parked in residential areas

On street—Police 703-280-0550

On private property—Zoning enforcement 703-324-1300

Apts. in a single family home/too many people in a home

Zoning Enforcement

Inoperative motor vehicles on private property

5 vehicles or less—Police 703-280-0587

More than 5 vehicles—Zoning Enforcement 703-324-1300

Business conducted from a home (w/out proper permit)

Zoning Enforcement

Vehicle repair business in residential area

Zoning Enforcement

Drainage: ponding of water on a residential lot

Zoning Enforcement

Noise complaints

Between 8:00 am-4:30 pm call Zoning Enforcement 703-324-1300

Late night/early morning noises—
Call Police 703-691-2131

Grass in excess of 12 inches on a residential lot of less than 1/2 acre

Site Inspections Branch

Signs in the Public

Virginia Dept. of Transportation

Improper disposal of household garbage

Health Dept

Construction w/out required permits

Code Enforcement Branch

Junk and debris in yards

Zoning Enforcement

Parking Restrictions in Residential Neighborhoods (PDF)

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